Bo Scarbrough on how it felt to win 2018 championship game

Bo Scarbrough on how it felt to win 2018 championship game

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Bo Scarbrough on how it felt to win 2018 championship game


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We recently had the special privilege of getting great insights from former Alabama running back Bo Scarbrough. After spending several seasons in Tuscaloosa, the now NFL runner has a unique perspective of what it was like wearing Crimson.

A guy who proved a valuable part of Nick Saban’s “Process” is certainly someone worth getting that perspective from, too.

Over the last few weeks, we have gotten several incredible takes from Scarbrough on things like:

Most recently, we gained insight on what it was like after that spectacular come-from-behind victory over the Georgia Bulldogs in that epic 2018 national championship game.

Scarbrough sat down with Aaron Murray, a former Georgia quarterback, as part of the Campus Lore Championship Moments series presented by Amway and XS Energy Drink to discuss what he felt after the final whistle blew and Alabama had won another championship under Saban.

“It was unbelievable. Like, it didn’t set in until I left the stadium and was going back to the hotel. My heart was just full of joy because I didn’t care about the stats, how many touchdowns I had scored or how many yards I had on the year.

“I only had one goal, and that one goal was to win a national championship. Because the year before when I broke my leg in the national championship, man, it was a heartbreaker. It was on my mind for a whole year.”

Interestingly, Scarbrough was in the game plan in the second matchup against Clemson during the 2016 season. But after breaking his leg, the momentum started to shift and the Tigers came back to win on a last-second touchdown from Deshaun Watson to Hunter Renfrow.

I’m sure that made things personal for Scarbrough to get over the top again and help his team win, which he did.

Scarbrough finished his career at Alabama with 1,800 total yards (1,512 rushing, 288 receiving) and 20 rushing touchdowns. He was a late-round pick in the NFL, and he has bounced around the league with the Seattle Seahawks, Jacksonville Jaguars and Detroit Lions.


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