CL Live feat. Tyler Eifert

CL Live feat. Tyler Eifert

CL Live

CL Live feat. Tyler Eifert


CampusLore Live featuring former Notre Dame TE and current Jacksonville Jaguar Tyler Eifert.

Show topics include:

  • Dabo Swinney’s complaining about Ohio State and the Big10
  • Analysis of Florida’s loss to LSU
  • Has LSU righted the ship?
  • Auburn fires Gus Malzahn
  • McKensie Milton to Florida State
  • USC’s quiet undefeated season
  • Tyler Eifert: Should Ohio State make the CFP?
  • Tyler Eifert: Should Notre Dame Join the ACC in football?
  • Tyler Eifert: Is Notre Dame in the CFP no matter what?
  • Tyler Eifert: Notre Dame’s keys to beating Clemson
  • ACC Championship Game preview
  • SEC Championship Game preview
  • Big 10 Championship Game preview


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