CL Live feat. La'Mical Perine

CL Live feat. La'Mical Perine

CL Live

CL Live feat. La'Mical Perine


CampusLore Live featuring former Florida and current New York Jets RB La’Mical Perine

Show topics include:

  • If OSU isn’t eligible for the BIG10 Champ do they get in?
  • Has BYU shown you enough that they could compete with the blue bloods?
  • Surprise team this season that could carry over to next season?
  • Is the BIG10 worst conference this season?
  • Pitts and Trask or Mac Jones and Smith – Which is the better duo?
  • Who is your pick to win it all first week of DEC?
  • Kyle Pitts breakdown from La’Mical Perine
  • SEC champ: UF vs Bama breakdown from La’Mical Perine
  • Upset of the week from Aaron – AUB over A&M


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