CL Live feat. Justice Hill

CL Live feat. Justice Hill

CL Live

CL Live feat. Justice Hill


CampusLore Live featuring former Oklahoma State and current Baltimore Raven RB Justice Hill

Show topics include:

  • Wisconsin dismantles Michigan. Can they beat Ohio State and make the CFP?
  • Most disappointing team this season?
  • Who will South Carolina hire? Who’s next to be fired?
  • Is Trask is now the front-runner to win the Heisman?
  • Are Northwestern and Indiana for real?
  • With so many games cancelled this past weekend – is there any concern that the season could spiral out of control? Could the CFP be affected?
  • Interview with former Oklahoma State RB Justice Hill
  • Indiana vs Ohio State prediction and breakdown
  • Wisconsin vs Northwestern prediction and breakdown
  • Bedlam prediction and breakdown



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