CL Live feat. Damien Harris

CL Live feat. Damien Harris

CL Live

CL Live feat. Damien Harris


CampusLore Live featuring former Alabama and current New England Patriot RB Damien Harris

Show topics include:

  • What took so long for UGA to play Daniels?
  • Can Northwestern get in and beat Ohio State?
  • Did FSU wuss out and dodge Clemson?
  • Is James Franklin in trouble?
  • Favorite to win the PAC12?
  • Damien Harris on if he saw this coming from Mac Jones?
  • Thoughts on if UF vs Bama meet SEC champ game
  • Biggest threat to Bama in CFP if they make it?
  • Najee Harris
  • Notre Dame vs UNC
  • Iron Bowl breakdown


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