CL Live feat. Aqib Talib

CL Live feat. Aqib Talib

CL Live

CL Live feat. Aqib Talib


CampusLore Live featuring former Pro Bowl CB and Super Bowl Champion Aqib Talib

Show topics include:

  • Right or wrong what the ACC is doing giving Clemson and ND the weekend off?
  • Is Tom Herman safe at Texas?
  • Why not expand the playoff this year?
  • Which team will rebound next year and have a better season?
  • Unique Heisman race this season
  • Aqib Talib on who he would rather go up against Pitts are Smith?
  • Why are defenses so down in college football?
  • Clemson vs ND rematch
  • Upset picks of the week


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